Why Indian not investing in stock market and Mutual fund ?

Why Indian not investing in stock market and Mutual fund ?

as per recent data only 3 to 4 percent of Indian populations invest in stock market, its very low figure as compare to other developed countries.

if talk about USA then almost 56 percent of USA & UK  population invest in stock market and Mutual fund on regular basic. its fundamental reason that our economy still behind in the field of investing compare to other country like USA, UK, AUSTRALIA , JAPAN , CHINA

Indian mentality is to run behind active income rather than passive income simply they are not in the mood to take risk, that’s why our percentage is very low

Reason why people not investing in stock market


Reason behind people not investing in stock market

  1. A large number of Indian people think stock market is casino but reality is quite different those who assume stock market as a casino they never understood this market.

  2. Due to lack of knowledge and understanding about stock market try to save themselves they are not invest directly in open market .They never try to learn and understand stock market but create their negative mindset towards stock market

  3. They think if they would invest in stock market or mutual fund may be they can washed their hand from entire amount but its not so. if one would invest in particular share with proper research then never bear entire losses. First of all they would have to remove spook of stock market from their mind

  4. Generally people avoid to invest in stock market but invest in traditional method of investing like Bank FD, Post office, any other traditional method because here their entire amount will safe and they can earn almost 5% interest on that amount that is very low as compare to stock market.
    if you are new in this market and try to invest in stock market then read this….. How to choose valuable stock of company for beginners in 2020 – TRADE HUNGERTRADE HUNGER

  5. As per the census data for 2011 on literacy only 4.5 percent of Indian population are graduate or above and only 2.3 percent of Indian population having knowledge of stock market and money market and they used to invest in stock market .

  6. As per recent data financially literacy in the country like India very low so here usually peoples are not crazy to this types of market . this figure may be change if they are being educate how stock market works.

  7. RISK HAI TO ISQE HAI ….. without risk no one can make money from this market . Stock market always welcome those who always ready to taking heavy risk

  8. Large number of Indian population used to approach banking system or post office to save their monies but avoid to invest in either mutual fund and stock market.

  9. lack of knowledge of financial market and financial instruments is main reason that people have spooked from stock market so if one wants to create intertest in stock market would have to start investing .

  10. if wants to create wealth or want to make handsome monies from stock market maker sure without taking risk cannot be possible . so never be in spook to taking a risk to invest in stock market



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