Before explaining  details whether mutual  fund is right or not… I would like to tell you what is” mutual fund”…Mutual fund is scheme of investing indirectly in stock market behalf of you by a veteran fund manager. It works on chain basis , in which your monies pooled by fund managers in securities market and yet pass back your monies to you with handsome returns.

mutual fund sahi hai

Now coming on my former point..

  • In India generally people poll their monies in in banking channels, where they got almost       5 to 7 percent interest at annual basic without any risk
  • Lack of awareness regarding mutual fund , they don’t pay attention regarding in such tools.
  • Even mutual fund may give UPTO 29 to 43 percent returns on their investment but people don’t wont to take risk .
  • A number of scheme and awareness programmed already initiated to aware a large number of people.

Popular Scheme of Mutual fund

there are several types of  schemes available at mutual fund houses.

  • BALANCE FUND :  in simple language it is the combination of debt and equity fund.
  • LIQUID FUND:  invested for short term period like below 1 year to generate fixed income.
  • DEBT FUND : Basically prefer by old age people having no ability to take huge risk but depend on fixed income
  • HYBRID FUND : as knowing their name hybrid fund, if talk in simple language such funds are diversified fund, means invested in multiple sector at one time. 

Minimum Amount to invest in mutual fund

to invest in mutual fund is very simple and easy any one can start their investing journey as two phase .

  1. SIP ( systematic investment plan) through such plan one can invest only 500 INR per month or even less than said amount through offline as well as online mode
  2. LUMSUM : in this plan one can invest any sums as per their capacity but in this plan you need not to invest on monthly basic.

to understand in better way you may watch this video


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