What is the best Strategy of investing

What is the best Strategy of investing

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Its became a pass current news now a days specially in india and you all would be heard about investing,  because still only 4 to 5 percent of indian population investing . so without planning no one can implement and execute any things in proper manners . so here require to adopt the best strategy for investing , strategy is the first stairs to go upward so no one can skip this.


Strategy play vital role in terms of investing in stock market here its implementation is quite necessary , here i would like to suggest three theories of investing- WHHW THEORY

  1. When to Buy
  2. How Much to Buy
  3. How Long to hold
  4. When to Sell
  1. When to Buy :

It universal truth better time to buy when handsome valued stock being traded at lower cost as their  52 weeks low, it is opportunity to all investors to buy penny stocks at low cost. when you observe the Momentum of graph of stocks can easily identify whether stock  price would be hike or decline , if any stock may be crashed not so share price would not be hike, surely .It will be touch your top line or 52 weeks high. so i will recommend to all investor always be watch dog and be connected to via media channel if market is bullish purchase shares in bulk quantity .


Quite depend upon your risk appetite and risk capacity to investment as per your financial conditions, for the beginners i would like to suggest go with  penny and small capitalization’s company whose stocks prices are being traded at lower prices. such types of shares may became multibegger for near future.

Because of at initial stages new investors are not familiar for stock and by and by learn from these market . so at beginning i would recommend to new investor invest in penny stock with small amount . At beginning you must focus to how does market works nor to make monies .

if you would have passion regarding stock market they no can stop you to to be a veteran of SHARE MARKET


their is crucial time and need quite patient during such time period when a numbers of shares in your  portfolio slip dawn by 10 to 15 percent from their high prices , it is quite spooking movement for all new investors. in this circumstances i would like to suggest one things ….. pls pls pls don’t sell your undervalue shares, it will be hike again and will traded at its higher prices once again.


don’t sell when market is bearish or don’t buy when market is bullish

4. When to sell

when to sell it all about of your patient and holding attitude, it may differ to investor to investor, golden rule to earn capital gain from investing to forget which you already have invested and do not observe the momentum of stock market , it may annoy you . so hold shares until they hike by at least 20 percent from their face value or higher as may be 52 weeks high

when to sell is cause of satisfaction. when invested amount is being traded at already its high its means their is golden time to sell such shares, it is not necessary if any shares has hiked by its 15 to 20 percent need to sell  may be hold and  wait from 15 to 100 percent returns. i had picked up adani power shares at price of 18.40 since one year before but now a days such shares gave me 110 percent returns.

so in stock market keep your positions same do not change your position as per market momentum . here i am trying to show you how adani power gave me 110 percent returns .

as on 15/08/2020 Adani power really gave me outstanding returns in a single day it hiked from 18.52 percent to 1500 percent overall returns . it all about our fixed strategies and right plan.

Here i am sharing few strategy how can any one make maximum profits from stock market and other financial tools, such technique will applicable for all investor including.

  1. Small investor
  2. intra day trader
  3. long term investor
  4. low income investor
  5. handsome income holder investor
  6. house wives
  7. college student
  8. professional

Now i am going to explain relevant strategies which may fruitful for all investors .

  • first step is try to learn and understand the basic terminology of stock market , mutual fund, equity fund , debt fund , balance fund ,
  • before investing , think thousand times in which segment you actually interested to invest like stock market or mutual fund or other financial tools and also required to figure out previous years performances and graph rate.
  • for beginners i would like to suggest to invest only 20 percent of your income in stock market and in first time need to pick up only 30 to 50 shares for your portfolio.
  • never invest your monies in single sector . diversification of investment first steps to success in stock market ( diversification means to invest all monies in different sectors instead of single sector) it is necessary not only for beginners but also for veteran investors .
  • invest in stock market as per your risk appetite and sources of income, invest only those monies which remained after all expenses, never invest out of your monthly expenses .
  • always try to track performances of your existing stocks of your portfolio either market is bearish or bullish, if due to any reasons market at bearish so do not be demotivated , keep tracking
  • try to read news paper related to finance and stock market like ( ECOMOMIC TIMES, FINANCIAL EXPRESS, BUSNESS STANDERS ) these news paper may keep you upto date to market.
  • if you have smart phone watch CNBC18 , BUSNESS NEWS , channels , it may fruitful for better understanding in stocks and mutual fund.
  • always try to understand the fundamental analysis of graph of any shares or existing shares of your portfolio.
  • make a strategy to invest little percentage of your monthly income in stock market or mutual fund on monthly basic , and also add shares and units in your portfolio to built sound portfolio.
  • when market is bearish purchase more and more shares because it is time to purchase high value shares at lower prices and also opportunity to made portfolio sound and handsome.
  • also may follow one more technique add more shares if market at bearish or sell when market about to bearish… for example mr X had purchase 100 shares at 18 INR after six months price hiked by 20 INR , and New shares price is now 38 INR. here you may sell few shares ( 50 shares) at 38 price and profit gain by 1000 INR , and again purchase when share price has declined.
  • Never invest in stock market upon the suggestion of anybody else, maximum investor do such things they invest upon the direction of other investor, so avoid such technique.
  • Read one book i would recommend to all investor ” THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR” it is the basic book to educate all new investor as well as veteran investor. Such book quite inspire you how can anyone sustain in stock market .
  • All Small cap, medium cap and large cap company publish its quarterly financial statement in news papers and Money control mobile apps , need to all investor to read them and also try to understand its audited report . Such report shows the track record of any companies , A handful investor do such analysis prior investing.
  • Try to motivate others to invest such shares which already you have opted.
  • https://blog.tradehunger.com/2020/08/03/how-to-choose-valuable-stock-of-company-for-beginners-in-2020/

strategy of investing in stock market

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