MCA21 introduce new web form “SPICe+” for promote ease of doing busness.

(SPICe+) The Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) has introduced new web form for promoting ” ease of doing busness” replacing the existing SPICe form.

SPICe+ would offer 10 services by 3 central government ministries ( ministry of corporate affairs, Ministry of Labour & Department of Revenue in the ministry of finance ) and one state government ( Maharashtra), here by saving as many procedure , time and cost of starting a new Business in India.

SPICe+ would be applicable for new company incorporation w.e.f 23rd february 2020

Features of SPICe+

  1. SPICe+ is integrated form means you may apply name reservation along with bundle of services
  2. SPICe+ consist two part like part A and part B where part A for name reservation and part B for other services.
  3. Hereby part B consist following services like

  • incorporation ( reservation of name but RUN facility not longer valid)
  • DIN( Director identification number will be alloted to all directors of the company
  • issuance of PAN( permanent account number) name of the name
  • mandatory issue of TAN
  • Automatic get registration in EPFO
  • Mandatory get registered in ESIC
  • Registration in professional Tax ( for Maharashtra state)
  • mandatory issue of opening bank account name of the such company
  • allotment of gst registration

4. incorporation applications (part b) after Name reservation in (part A) can be submitted as seamless process in continuation of part A of SPICe+.

5. The approved name and related incorporation details as submitted in part A, would be automatically Pre-filled in all link forms also AGILE-PRO, eMoA, eAoA, URC- 1, INC-9 ( intimation of first director of the company)

6. changes and modification to SPICe+ is allowed even after completion of form

7. all new companies incorporated through SPICe+ w.e.f 23rd feb 2020 would be mandatorily require to apply for opening the company bank account through the AGILE-PRO linked form

8. Declaration by all subscribers and first director in inc -9 shall be auto-genrated in pdf formate and would have to submitted only in electronic form in all cases, except where total number number of subscribers and directors is greater then 20 .

in the point of view promoting ease of doing busness good initiative taken by Ministry of corporate affairs MCA21. .

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